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first of all let me say that the advisors work hard for the students but the school is a rip off and a joke. they are intrested in only one thing and that is money.

i was in the cosmetology program for about 6 months and had a circus of problems. the intructors were helpful and were alwasy there for the students. as for the campus president she is not for the students and i feel that a major race issue was involved in the way i was treated and the things that happened on campus were very unneccesary and unreasonable by every standard. i would never reccomened this school to anyone.

i completed over 600 clock hours meaning i was halfway thru and i had kept a 4.0 gpa the entire time, now that ive chosen to leave remington college they refuse to release my hours and im forced to take a new student loan and start over at another school. if i had been treated with respect at this school and possibly taught something other then how to make the school money i might of just changed campuses but id rather just start over and leave remngton due to how they work and operate. remington west campus is unethical and greedy. its racist and non developmental towards your chosen career in my truest and most honest opinion.

its very hard not saying how i truley feel about this school and still keep myself dignified and professional in all aspets. as i feel i was robbed and cheated and very disheartened about my dream of becoming a stylist. at this point many changes need to be made to this school and the person who has authority there needs to be investigated on her pocedures and protocols and most of all her attitude and mannerisms against students. my biggest issue is when my car was backed into at school.

the constable made a report supposedly and ms.brooks did as well. i was told it would be ready within 24hrs and when i called for it to give to insurance company i was given the run around and no phone calls were accepted or returned. the insurance company finally got in contact with her and was told no reports were being made. i called and asked if i could come get statements from witnesses and i was told i could not come to the school.

the claim was denied because thast how the drivers nsurance works. so im out of over 1grand gettin my car fixed. tho thats not the reason for my feelings towards remington as there were several incidents and problems with the school and the director as i was made to feel i wasnt good enough to be at her school or in her presence. i paid a 20grand tuiton to feel robbed and mislead and will stop at nothing to get my career and my dream.

and thats with no help to remington other then ms.walker. shes the only thing remington has going for them at that campus and someone truley does need to go and look into why the students are not being taught their weak points and only being made to work in their strong points with clients as its a learning institution not a everyday salon. priorities are not in order and its not fair. also the fact that were lied to about our hours and how they can not be taken elsewhere.

the only truth in taht is that remington wont release them but they are accepted at other college...wheres the fairness in that? we worked for them so why arent we allowed to keep them? again that campus is a scam and ripoff and the biggest joke ive ever seen and DO NOT recommend to any other fellow students. other campuses might be better but DO NOT attend west campus as you will waste your time and money and chances loosing your dream and ambitions!!!

ms. brooks is unprofessional in the way she handles the students and in the way she carries the schools important matters when related to the students!

Monetary Loss: $24.

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Did you take english at Remington, because you write terrible? Try capitalizing letters when you start a sentence, and proofread before you post, also indent your paragraphs.


And Non Profit????? My ***....


Duh! They got all her money and didn't believe she would leave because the credits don't transfer.

They keep all your grant money, especially because they can charge 30% more in the first three months. I've had NOTHING but problems with them...they suck.


If they were only worried about money wouldn't they want to keep you instead of losing you to someone else? I'm sorry you had a bad experience but that seems a little counter-intuitive.

I have had a great experience so far as have all of the people I know that go there.

Maybe there IS a problem at your campus that needs to be looked into, but I don't think Remington on a whole is a bad company. They seem really devoted to their students.

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